1. "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything."

    Warren Buffett

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  2. Thanks for applying to Startup School. We’re happy to report you’ve been accepted.

    I received this message this week from YCombinator. They are organizing Startup School Europe for the first time and I got a ticket to London. I’m right now in the process of making travel arrangements and I’m looking for a place where I can crash for two or three nights. I’ve already checked airbnb, couch surfing and now I’m going to look as well for hostels / hotels. If you know anyone who’d be up to host a fellow entrepreneur I’d be happy. I can cook in return or give advice / feedback on your product, on ideas


  4. At the Ritz-Carlton, every single employee (even the maintenance folks) has a budget of $2,000 per guest to make things right. On the spot, without asking.

    Without a doubt, the guest is blown away by this rapid response. A caring person who, instead of saying, “I’ll have to ask my supervisor,” just makes it right. But even more important, I think, is the effect of trusting your people. You’ve already given them the keys to your brand, you’ve already made them the face of your organization—isn’t it time to trust them enough to do the right thing?

    Do you trust your people within your organization that they’ll do their job right? If you don’t you should consider changing that.  You’ve already give them access to your brand, they represent you. 

    Why should they represent you in good faith when you don’t trust them? 

  5. Saturday night out


  6. "Please, I beg you, open your senses to the will of the people to keep the Internet as free as possible. Local ISP’s should provide connection to the Internet but then it should be treated as though you own those wires and can choose what to do with them when and how you want to, as long as you don’t destruct them. I don’t want to feel that whichever content supplier had the best government connections or paid the most money determined what I can watch and for how much."
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    The Ballmer Effect in the NBA. Insane.

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    This is insane


  9. When I push before committing


  10. When I have no more private GitHub repos