1. fred-wilson:

    the new Mike Doughty record is the artist of the weekend

    Works for me. 

  3. Get ready to be out of a job, humans need not apply. 

    According to this video, all things we can automate, will be automated. The question is not “if” but “when”. I raised this point once. I gotta be honest it scares me a bit this vision, of humans being replaced by robots as part of the workforce.. yet, we need to find ways for people who will be out of a job, not because it’s their fault, but because Robots are more efficient and cost-effective. 

    How will the world change? what do you think? 


  4. QuickCast was originally designed and built as a side project to help us create and publish quick screencasts, we truly didn’t expect to get such an amazing response and we’ve been blown away by the attention and consistently good feedback it has received.

    There are thousands of users and amazing companies using QuickCast everyday for support, feedback, documentation, tutorials and more.

    Unfortunately we’ve reached a point where we are unable to support the product and the costs associated with running it are continuing to grow.


    We’re looking for sponsorship or alternatively a new home for the project.

    Very sad news :( 


  5. Working from St. Oberholz this morning and totally digging this playlist.

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  6. I’ve been a EuroDNS customer for quite some time and it’s good to see that they add new security measures to their products. 


  7. My playlist for the day.

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  8. A few impressions of London


  9. "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything."

    Warren Buffett

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  10. Thanks for applying to Startup School. We’re happy to report you’ve been accepted.

    I received this message this week from YCombinator. They are organizing Startup School Europe for the first time and I got a ticket to London. I’m right now in the process of making travel arrangements and I’m looking for a place where I can crash for two or three nights. I’ve already checked airbnb, couch surfing and now I’m going to look as well for hostels / hotels. If you know anyone who’d be up to host a fellow entrepreneur I’d be happy. I can cook in return or give advice / feedback on your product, on ideas